What is expected of the Student?

To be committed to learning, growing, setting goals and graduating even when experiencing academic or personal setbacks.

Mentors and Students will be matched according to interests identified on application forms.
The benefits to the student are:
  • Establish professional networks.
  • Gain professional support and encouragement from your Mentor.
  • Expand growth and sense of competence, identity, and effectiveness as a student.
  • Gain exposure to new ideas, theories, practices, and/or people that might not be pursued without a Mentor's guidance and/or encouragement.
  • Receive honest and informal feedback.
  • Improve understanding of student issues and exposure to different approaches in dealing with them.
  • Enhance understanding of the importance of seeking out mentors in life.
Your responsibilities are:
  • Attend a mandatory training and Kick-off Luncheon.
  • Participate in the Mentoring Club monthly meetings.
  • Interact with your Mentor: set educational and personal goals, identify and implement strategies to meet those goals.
  • Contact your Mentor when having difficulty.
  • Follow the recommendations of your Mentor to help you progress in your courses.