The Student Handbook provides important information about aspects of the College and services available.

Student Activities

Campus Security and Crime Awareness


Security Cameras

Bulletin Boards

Mobile Phones

Campus Facilities


  • Time Limitations
  • General Provisions

Campus Police

Substance Abuse Policy

  • Education and Prevention
  • Enforcement
  • Referral for Counseling

Expressive Activity/Free Speech

Weapons Policy

Emergency Situations

  • General
  • Fire
  • Police

Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy​

Food Services

Sexual Misconduct

Health Services

Smoking and Tobacco Policy

Inclement Weather

Student Bill of Rights

Lost and Found

Student  Complaints

Parking and Traffic

Student Honor Code

Phone Calls

Student Conduct

Minor Children on Campus

Student Conduct Committee

AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) Policy

Disciplinary Policy and Sanctions

Campus  Demonstrations

Statement of Accreditation